I design. I code. I analyze & improve.

Hi. I’m Cristian—a multi-disciplinary graphic designer w/ a unique profile —
the ability to successfully fulfill your needs for professional visual design, integration, coding,
web analytics & conversion improvement. An A-player of your marketing team.


Planning, wireframing

The more time is assigned to planning, the less time the entire project will take.

Graphic design

I do web, print & identity graphic design using strong UX concepts, emphasizing on clean design principles.

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Web analytics & improvement

Google Analytics, Adwords/PPC management,
Google Content Experiments

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Be it a web, print or identity project,
I deliver the entire project from
inception to completion.

Coding, front & backend development

HTML5, CSS3, un-obtrusive
Javascript/jQuery, Object Oriented PHP, HTML email

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Graphic design

For web

Visual design principles to produce a clean and breathable layout. UX concepts to make the pleasant visuals functional. And all in alignment with business objectives.

For print

Storytelling design for printing and publishing. A great layout combined with different printing techniques. A good paper size management enhanced by texture and finishing. I bring a different perspective to print design.

For identity

Simple, eye-catching logos, defined by shape not by graphic effects, with one purpose in mind: a memorable identity has to be successfully used in any circumstance.

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HTML integration

Everyone does clean HTML5 & CSS3 markup. But I write modular code, I write object oriented CSS using LESS or SASS. I dream sprite imagery. I crave webfonts usage. I love adaptive layout. I promote script minifying. And I hate inline CSS.

Front & Backend dev.

100% handwritten code. Unobtrusive Javascript and jQuery with AJAX calls. Object oriented PHP and optimized MySQL queries. Shopping cart integration w/ online payments, plus SSL certificates installation and API integration. In other words: the complete package.

HTML email

I know its rules by heart. It has its own way to layout the information and display the images. I also know what cross-browser/email client testing really means. And I go even further ... integrating email databases with email marketing systems’ APIs.

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Internet marketing

Google Analytics

Good design is design that sells - if there is quality content, of course. Starting with “you can’t improve what you can‘t measure”, I constantly keep an eye on how people interact with what I do. And Google tells you that I’m doing it right cuz' I passed their IQ test.

Google Adwords

95% of PPC advertisers are doing it wrong. And they pay the Google stupidity tax. Although Adwords is an incredible simple concept, it is an evil complex machine. I spent 100s of hours managing budgets and campaigns and $1000s in self education. With good, measurable results, though.

Content experiments

Today’s Internet Marketing rule? Test, test & test. But not anyhow. With some goals and strategy in mind. Bringing the entire team into the game and planing to test processes, not events.

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Team management

With 10+ years in the battle field, I learned more from those around me than anywhere else. So I stay close to my team while we’re on the front lines.

There is a huge amount of knowledge under my belt about every step within the development process. I understand the entire flow and I can coordinate it. From content and information architecture stages to visual design and development ones, aligning team’s expertise towards a common objective.

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