101+ things I know. And counting...

Well, I know a few hundred and even thousand - combined,
but these will underline my indepth knowledge about visual design, web/print production & online marketing.

Why a gradient from a very dark color to a very light one is a failure in visual design
Ads in the top position on Google Adwords have been observed to get 10 times as many clicks as side-position ads
0-0-0-100 Overprint black Rich black Super black
The difference between black, rich black and super black in prepress operations
Sharpening filter in Photoshop has better results if applied before resizing the image than afterwards
Who Dieter Rams is and what are his 10 design principles
What are the 4 stages of a web design/app design process that everyone knows but (almost) no one follows.
Why use "async : false" in an AJAX call
How ad scheduling makes a huge difference in an Adwords campaign settings
What a duotone image is and how to create it
That Quality Score, impression share and auction insights are the most important numbers in Adwords
Instead of writing ads about what customer wants, write about what customers are afraid of
That a design pattern is not the background pattern most designers think of
The role the Fibonacci numbers are playing in design
You need to buy the lunch to a programmer for a good working complex regex
Why an Adwords account with 50k keywords dumped on one campaign and one adgroup it's a lost cause. Why 50k keywords in 20 campaigns and 100s of adgroups will be a winner. You can go even granular with several accounts
The difference between a merchant account and a gateway account
Good design isn't about making everything perfect, but about which elements to compromise so the really important ones to excel
Why the browser gives an https error even if the certificate is valid and properly installed
That you don't design a 80-page brochure in Photoshop
How to have real chances to beat your Adwords original ad, as by default it has a better QS than any new ad, no matter how good is that
Google changed the typography on the web with its open source web fonts collection
Why a white disc on a black background looks bigger than the same size black disc on a white background
The true power of "overflow: hidden"
A logo and a symbol are two different things
What concepts like wirefrming, thumbnails, grayboxing and prototyping mean in the design process
That you can not fix what you cannot measure. So, start measuring
What is a triadic set of colors
What font combinations to use in a composition
That PPI, DPI and LPI are not the same thing
What is OO CSS and the need for LESS/SASS
The difference between a spot and a process color
How important wireframing is, as it is crucial to make sure we’re reaching all of our content goals before we start digging into design details.
Code refactoring is an ongoing process
What remarketing campaigns are and why they are more expensive than regular campaigns
To consider Gutenberg diagram to evenly distribute elements in a layout and composition
optical area
follow area
follow area
80% of regular Photoshop users are using it incorrectly
What a constructor and deconstructor means
CMS platforms as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal will never bring you on top from the marketing perspective because they don't give you the control over your content as a custom build solution does
What a .htaccess file is
That it’s not my style to create a grunge type of web design
Why is better to name your variables like $isTheInputValidatd=true instead of $vld1=true
That Photoshop smart objects are a powerful way to create modular files
Why tweets, SMSs or AdWords ads offer a limited space to write
On Adwords campaigns, boys are using the phrase match, but men employ broad modifiers
The difference between Pantone 1795C and Pantone 1795U
Usually the first graphics idea is the worse
How console() makes the difference between boys and men in Javascript debugging
Track usability issues can be done by creating Google Analytics using events on the concerning elements
How to create a color swatch for a composition based on color saturation
The browser inspector is the silver bullet in debugging HTML and front development code
How to trick Google Content Experiments to serve variations in equal manner
That branding is not about the logo. Is about everything that remains after you remove the logo
What folding paper against the grain means
What an A/B testing is
How to track usability issues using Google Analytics  - with event clicks on every element I’m interested in
The right way to make a good grayscale image
What contrast really means in graphic design
Website Optimization is an ongoing process "O" from the SEO acronym stands for "optimization", not "optimized". Which means it's a continuos process and not a checkmark on a list. And the web developer cannot do much to help
The importance of black overprint fill/stroke

Why RGB colors are called additive and CMYK substrative
Get a lossy .png compression better than Photoshop
The average CTR on the Google’s first position
is 7.94%. The average CTR of an ad on
the Display Network is 0.4% - four times
as high as the average banner ad
in the US and almost 10X as high
as a Facebook ad. It’s clear
where to start from.
0.04% 0.1% 0.4% 7.94% Adwords 1st position CTR
Google DN ad average CTR
CTR for a banner ad in USA
Facebook ad average CTR
How efficient a power Photoshop keyboard shortcut user can be
To check the overprint black when I create my job file for the print shop
Branding is most effective when it is subtle and understated
Why nobody (except Paypal) can tell you down to the cent what the will be processing fees for an online transaction
To validate the XML file I read with my AJAX calls if there isn't any response
iStockPhoto won’t give the professional photo shots I’m looking for
That a logo is defined by shapes not by graphic effects and embellishments
Fees you pay for a shopping cart transaction depend upon the rewards type of the credit card used... Somebody has to pay for those aeroplan miles
Check the separation preview before sending jobs to the printer
That digital printing doesn't mean using a RGB file
Too much contrast in visual design creates a conflict
That Photoshop vector masking is way more modular than bitmap one
Why printing presses have more than 4 colour groups
That Select * on a 3 tables summing up 30 columns and 2000 records will create some troubles
What an Extended Validation process for a SSL certificate implies
Put 10x more on planning, and save 20% of overall time on a project
You better not follow the Google rep's advice to increase traffic
Why a grid based CSS layout creates consistency, modularity, fast development and easy maintenance
The no. 1 job of marketing is to sort people out, not to treat all the prospects the same way and expect the same thing from all of them
Why realistic shadows for rendered objects consist of several layers
Why the adaptive layout strategy should replace the website mobile versions
Why the Adwords system works in Google's advantage not the advertiser's