HTML integration

Clean HTML5 & CSS3 markup. Modular designs for scalability. Responsive layout. Webfonts.
Object oriented CSS, sprites & minification. CSS preprocessors.

Not easy to keep up with a technology which evolved in the last year more then the previous 10 combined!

Even if it looks extremely simple, creating a real clean and modular
markup requires careful planning and execution.

I successfully overcome these challenges with a strong knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 languages.

Then, I empower the result with modern approaches like object oriented CSS (taking full advantage of preprocessors like LESS or SASS) adaptive/responsive layout, and techniques like sprite images, web font integration and script minifying.

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Wondering about javascript?

And with the web inspector with its components for resources and timelines as a swiss knife tool, I bring a professional HTML integration into any project. View 101+ things I know

Front-end development

100% handwritten code for javascript/jQuery/Ajax. Sometimes, it requires a bit of PHP flavor.

With "Javascript is the future, and the future is now" statement in mind, I rely on jQuery and its plugins to add the salt & pepper to any HTML integration.

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A successfully front end development is part of a great UX and Javascript as this combined with AJAX technologies adds the interactivity a static layout is craving for. I love creating unobtrusive scripting, meaningfully naming my variables and refactoring the code every time new rules are coming in place. Who likes spaghetti code, anyways? Plus, I take my time to prepare the code for any future usage due to content dynamicity - so I make the job easier for the backend development team.

Needless to say that I manually write every single line of code. Yes, some snippets are handy, but the power of controlling every character within the code cannot be achieved by any automated code writing tool. So, yes, I admit: I don't know Dreamweaver.

However, while trying all the code editors - such as Coda, UltraEdit,
Eclipse, Komodo, Espresso, BBEdit... I stopped at Sublime,
which I consider is the app that combines all the features
I need to make myself a faster coder and debugger.

On the other hand, tools like Transmit, CodeKit
or Tower are making me even more efficient.

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Back-end development

Object oriented PHP. Optimized MySql queries. Shopping cart integration w/ online payments.
SSL certificates installation. API development & integration. Love affair with cookies & session IDs.

An object oriented code combined with well optimized SQL queries is the core required to build a robust database driven application - in a true sense of the word.

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Structuring the code around OOP - encapsulating it - over the procedural approach, integrating shopping custom carts with different online payment systems (from Paypal to, installing SSL certificates, developing and integrating different APIs, mastering data transition using cookies and session IDs… are just a few medium to advanced programming techniques which allow me to build robust and versatile code.

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HTML email

Cross-browser/email client testing. API integration for email marketing systems.

Regardless of the abundance of social media platforms, the email will remain the most persuasive marketing medium, due to its intimacy. The number of the emails sent daily dwarfs the number of tweets, post and pins combined.

HTML email production and deployment is a time
consuming process, but fortunately
I know its rules which
include special layouting
techniques, testing across various
combinations of online and desktop
email clients.

I'm also able to connect the content of your business with various email marketing platforms, from Campaign Monitor and Get Response to iContact and Mail Chimp via their public APIs. View 101+ things I know