Clean and functional web design

What a company delivers as a digital experience says a lot about its brand and core values.

Starting with Paul Rand's advice (in fact, quoting a german architect) "Don't try to be original, try to be good", I believe that a functional design is not about making everything perfect, but about about which elements to trade off in order to enhance those which really matter. In other words the best experience is about the perfect balance between function and form.

I have the training, experience & global vision to produce enchanting visual designs, transforming clean and simple layouts into effective marketing tools. View 101+ things I know

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Don’t mistake web design knowledge
for coding abilities

Storytelling design for print

Unfolding, rotating & page turning are interactions.
Yes, a print design can tell a story. And it can be interactive.

Sure enough, functionality is not a trait that should be assigned to web design only. As with any other physical object, printings are made to be touched, so people interact with them as well. Alongside the layout itself, printing techniques, paper size management, texture and finishing give a different perspective to any piece of printed paper.

And I successfully combine these printing technicalities with
un-cluttered graphics, adding real value to any advertising effort.

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Eye-catching design for identity

Looking for a clean visual design? Check the designer's identity portfolio as it defines his graphic style.

The logo design portfolio tells a lot about the designer's ability to communicate a message with one simple visual. If he does a good job on that, he'd most probably succeed to create simple and clear visuals for other mediums, too.

Define logos by shape - and not by graphic effects. Move away any noise, clutter and wasted time, so the outcome will be pushed forward to fulfill its purpose: a memorable identity successfully used in any circumstance.

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