Google Analytics

Changing, measuring and analyzing: the core of web analytics process.
(Tip: You cannot improve what you cannot measure, so you need to start here.)

What would be the today's online web development without measuring its outcome? In today's competitive world, website owners need to measure how their tool performs from the business perspective. On top of this, me - as a designer and coder - I have to look at the metrics generated by my output.

Google Analytics can measure how my output aligns with business objectives. In short, Analytics is the most comprehensive (free) tool - part of the web analytics business - which allows to measure what happens to any website.

Besides collecting raw data about visits, page views, time on site, etc., Google Analytics moves beyond: tracks business goals, segments or aggregates data and tracks different marketing initiatives. And with its Content Experiments integration, any website can have improvements as business decisions will be data-driven, not just guess work. View 101+ things I know

I spent my time
learning the
report data,
understanding goals, segmenting data and ecommerce behaviors for each web application I'm part of. I even went further and became qualified in Google Analytics, passing the Google Analytics Individual Qualification - or the IQ test.

Google Adwords

An amazing simple concept, but an incredible evil system.

Out of all the PPC (Pay Per Click) mediums out there, Google Adwords continues to be - hands down - the greatest marketing machine in the history of advertising.

Nowhere in this industry was a tool able to bring prospects in less than 10 minutes and make 20%, 50%, 100% improvements within hours.

Although it might sound a no-no from the business perspective, I have a strong opinion in regards with why I prefer paid advertising over the free one. In short, it’s faster, more profitable and accurate. Plus, advertising should be a profit generator, not an expense).

View 101+ things I know

Regardless, Adwords is a
continuos evolving machine,
with more switches,
screens and hidden
options than a
Boeing 747 dashboard.

I'm far away from
considering myself
an Adwords specialist,
but with $1,000s invested
in self education and
100s of hours behind the tool,
I successfully managed
campaigns and budgets
for small businesses.

Understanding the difference between boys and men in this matter, I plan to go even further and be part of Google AdWords Certification.

Why all these?

First, I am a designer, not an artist and my role is no longer only to create pleasant visuals, but visuals which help businesses succeed. Secondly, I strongly believe that it is my duty - as a complete website creator - to understand the online presence game in its entirety.