"Focused in designing the best web experience possible."

Michel Besner - VP of product

"Cristian is an amazing Designer and Front-end Developer. He has a strong insight for the user experience and the deep understanding of importance of continuity when it comes to UI design.

Not only does he deliver high quality results, he always to do it in a very timely manner. Cristian is extremely collaborative and open to feedback - always focused in designing the best web experience possible.

Michel Besner

"A great designer with an excellent understanding of marketing"

Dan Calinescu - business consultant

"Working with Cristian is a pleasure. He is gifted with that rare quality of synthesizing ideas into a simple, logical structure and finding the ideal visual form to express it.

I have worked with Cristian on 4 web applications over the last 10 years and each time the results were better than my expectations - and I am a difficult customer.

Cristian is not only a great designer, but also one with an excellent understanding of marketing, always working with your customer in mind. He is creative, honest, efficient, punctual, hardworking and reliable.

I recommend him to anybody wanting not only a great result, but also a very pleasant experience during the life of the project. I am looking forward to work with Cristian on my 5th application."

Dan Calinescu

"Loyal. Reliable. Hardworking"

Melissa Dawn Photiades - business development manager, Biztree Inc.

"The first words that come to mind when I think of Cristian are loyal, reliable, versatile and hardworking.

No matter what needs to be done whether it be graphic design or programming, Cristian will not only do a great job, but he'll do it with a smile. He was really a pleasure to work with and was up to any task, no matter how challenging. He is definitely a great asset to anyone's team."

Melissa Dawn Photiades

"Always there to answer questions"

James Davouzaliaris - president, Distribution Wallaby Inc.

"As a small business with limited technical knowledge, we needed to find  someone with the knowledge and experience to translate our ideas into something concrete. From start to finish the process of conceptualizing, creating and implementing our new website was smooth and efficient. Deadlines were met, and changes and modifications were quickly implemented.

Cristian was always there to answer questions and offer suggestions when needed. What started as a vague idea was quickly transformed into our new website. His understanding of marketing and graphics design has enabled us to offer to our customers a website that is not only informative, but appealing visually.

We certainly intend to call on Cristian’s services again in the future."

James Davouzaliaris

"His dedication and meticulousness are unsurpassed."

Carole Azzouz - general manager, Lexus Gabriel

"As a full time staff member of the Gabriel group (an automotive network which consists of 24 dealerships and over 14 different vehicle brands) Cristian has been a great asset to our team and a pleasure to work with on a daily basis.

The dedication and meticulousness that he puts into his work is unsurpassed and it is always a pleasure to work with him and share ideas with him. His feedback is always insightful and dependable. He is well trained and understands the skill and the art of creating a successful visual layout, be it for a minor add campaign or a company's long term image.

Cristian has successfully and single-handedly developed a visual layout for our group, he has managed to re-unite the look of our brands to reflect a consistent design and it has helped greatly in creating a strong company image and a solid foundation for future creative work."

Carole Azzouz

"I can be sure that my company is not being taken for a ride."

Ilona Jerabek - PsychTests AIM Inc.

"I have worked with Cristian on numerous projects over the years, including redesign of Queendom.com, a high-traffic website for women, design of a compatibility test and report called MatchScale, development of corporate brochures, and a complex project for a real estate personality test.

Working with Cristian is always an enjoyable experience. He has a knack for simplifying complex ideas and conveying the message in a clear and elegant way. He ensures that he understands his clients' needs and preferences and then leads them through the process . guiding them and occasionally challenging preconceived ideas without pushing his own point of view.

Cristian is not only an outstanding designer but he intuitively gets the marketing aspect of the user interface and information flow. Combined with his systematic and logical approach, these characteristics make him a true professional.

Cristian is not the cheapest professional on the market in terms of hourly rate, but he works fast and with a clear vision, so in the end, the overall project cost is low and the outcome is great. Most importantly, I have learned over the years that Cris is a man of great integrity, so I can be sure that my company is not being taken for a ride."

Ilona Jerabek

"A very valuable marketing asset"

Avi Perez - president, Kedem Herbs Inc.

"With Cristian we moved our website to the next level from both technology and marketing perspective. That is, from a template based website to a complete custom solution. He build an online machine able to treat differently each type of our customers and then test each one of our assumptions.

On top of this, managing the budget for an Adwords account, creating analytics reports able to pin point where our online and offline advertising money are spend, implementing a series of email auto-responders, creating special landing pages for the different type of traffic resulted in a 2X online revenue increase over a 1-1/2 year time frame."

It's hard to find someone to explain in plain English the complicated path of the today's online marketing, but Cristian took a lot of time to make us understand the huge role of this kind of machine in a very competitive market.

With a huge knowledge base which sums up visual design, website architecture, coding skills, PPC management and web analytics, Cristian is a very valuable marketing  asset for any small and medium business.

Avi Perez

"Écoute, compréhension, patience, sérieux et professionnalisme"

Mihai Claudiu Cristea - éditeur et rédacteur en chef, « Les immigrants de la Capitale »

Parfois, le hasard fait bien les choses. Et j’ai cette preuve mensuellement depuis bientôt 15 ans en travaillant avec Cristian. Je peux qualifier sans hésiter ma rencontre avec Cristian de providentielle (sic!). Je ne sais pas ce que pouvait être aujourd’hui le mensuel Les immigrants de la Capitale, que j’édite depuis 2005, sans cette rencontre. Je ne sais même pas si je pouvais parler de lui au présent…

"Nous avons construit ensemble, à partir de zéro, une publication qui s’est développée et améliorée sans cesse année après année. Nous avons franchi ensemble étape par étape, en recevant (malgré mes réticences) des conseils techniques et de marketing visuel qui ont transformé Les immigrants de la Capitale dans une publication admirée, respectée et à succès dans le paysage des médias de la capitale du Québec.

La création du site Web «clé en main» de ma publication par (et à la suggestion) de Cristian en 2010 s’est avérée extrêmement inspirée.

Le site Internet est devenu une plateforme de promotion exceptionnelle (simple et efficace) de la version papier, la «voix des immigrants de Québec» pouvant être entendue aujourd’hui au-delà des frontières du Québec et du Canada jusqu’au plus éloigné coin de la planète ou l’Internet est disponible. La plupart de mes nouveaux clients consultent d’abord le site Internet avent de me contacter.

Et si je dois résumer mon expérience avec Cristian en quelque cinq mots, ces mots seraient: écoute, compréhension, patience, sérieux et professionnalisme."

Mihai Claudiu Cristea

"Référence sans hésitation"

Mircea Crisan - Plomberie Crisman Inc.

"Je tiens à vous remercier sincèrement de vote excellent service, votre courtoisie et votre dévouement. C'est un plaisir de faire affaires avec vous et je vous referais à nos amis et connaissances sans aucune hésitation.

Vous faites un travail digne de mention qui mérite d'être souligné. Grace à votre service mon chiffre d'affaire a vraiment augmenté. Je vous réferais sans hésitation. Bravo et encore mille fois merci!"

Mircea Crisan

"We experience
a bigger return of our investment."

Henry Bolap - owner, Fontaine Chocolatée

"We are delighted to have found Cristian to assist us in creating our identity. We appreciate the fact that he took the time to analyze our needs during our very first person to person meeting. None of the other bidders did that. Afterwards he always had a coherent explanation when he knew that some of our choices did not correspond with our best interest.

Apart from being very a talented graphic designer, Cristian also possesses a global vision of a company brand image. He entirely changed our perception in building a communication material. He took his time to demonstrate us how an overcrowded advertisement has no response in the reader's mind, so Cristian was a good investment on a long term as long as right now we experience a bigger return of our investment. We also thank him for a wonderful interactive website remake which now reflects our true vision towards our customers.

It was and will always be a great privilege to work with a professional of this sort. We are very appreciative to have met him."

Henry Bolap

"Cristian écoute et propose."

Sonia ZeMeka - directrice, Fabes Entretien Ménager

"Je savais que je voulais monter une entreprise de services ménagers en commençant par un logo. J'avais en tête l'image ancienne d'une femme avec son aspirateur, un balai et un chiffon en main. Pour moi, il était question de montrer à l'aide d'un dessin la raison d'être de l'entreprise

Cristian a pris le temps de me poser les bonnes questions afin de mieux me connaître mais le plus important, c'est qu'il a écouté chacune de mes paroles sans jamais les remettre en question. En aucun moment je ne me suis sentie jugé avec mes idées. Tout au long de ce processus, il a été un conseiller, un guide, un mentor. Cristian ne juge pas les idées, Cristian écoute et propose. Lorsqu'il vous fait parvenir un échantillon de votre projet, il prend le temps de vous expliquer dans les moindres détails son travail, vos choix et ses suggestions.

Aujourd'hui, j'ai un logo qui me ressemble. Jeune, avant-gardiste, rafraichissant et simple."

Sonia ZeMeka