I undertake a wide range of tasks.

15 years of experience in different start-ups, creative departments and marketing teams

10 short/long term & consulting positions achieving measurable results

An impressive amount of design, technical and marketing knowledge.

Senior graphic designer

This is a person who will ask you $80,000 a year to come up with some interesting concepts to communicate a particular message. She or he will visually implement it in one of the most pleasant ways.

But don't ask him to act too fast or to step out of Photoshop or Illustrator. You can not rush art, and his output should be carved in stone for the next 2 years. It will be very difficult for him to work with the website optimization team as they require constant changes.

That's me!

With all the knowledge and experience required to be involved in all stages of a project from designing and production to measuring and improving.

And I feel I've just started. Being a professional is almost synonymous with always learning.

101+ things I know

The regular web designer/developer

To be honest, he will save you big money. For $40,000 a year, his first instinct in designing a page will be to apply a thick shadow in Photoshop and import the output in Joomla or Wordpress.

If you need, he will create the business card for your company within Photoshop creating the black from RGB. Don't be surprised if he's using tables to layout the HTML content. Believe me, it still happens — you get what you pay for! Next, the print shop will charge you for the extra work and the next developer will need to start from scratch.

Of course there are better web developers out there but they will come with a price and they will have hard times providing some print design skills or, at the other end, sharing the vision of a marketer in your company.

The impossible mix

No self respected ad agency senior designer will understand why you need to test and improve your message, be it a copy or a graphic composition, as he will swear that his artwork is the best you can have. He has pinned a Henry Ford poster with his "horse vs. car" quote, but unfortunately, there was only one Henry Ford and this attitude does not apply in today's market evolution and dynamics.

Front / Backend developer

With $70,000 a year you will get a good coder who will optimize every single request to a database. The code will run fast and his classes and functions are like the Chinese language for the regular guy on the street.

However, beware of any website designed by a geek coder as for him the red color is defined by a single parameter with the value of 255.

An impossible mix

I haven't seen yet a marketer who really understands the complexity of a code for a 5-step app on-boarding process, with cookies overwritten at every click, sessions associated to unique visitor IDs — everything cross browser and multi-platform.

Internet marketing guru

This guy will be one of the best paid people in your organization as he will ask for 5% of any savings he will do on your PPC accounts. Plus 3% of your budget. And for beginning, he will do just some clicks because 80% of the world wide accounts are poorly organized. Easy money. Hopefully he will not do what the Google rep will advise him to increase the traffic — raise the bids.

For him any design is good enough as long as there is a big yellow BUY NOW button on top of a blue BUY NOW link (you know, for back-up). And no matter what, the code should include a dozen external javascript snippets for tracking behavior. Preferably at the top of the page to be recorded for sure. Eventually, he will ask the production team to do something to improve that 94% bounce rate and the 10 secs latency!

Why would you work with me over any other option?

Having a tremendous amount of knowledge about all the domains above, makes only sense for a small & medium business to contract someone with such a profile. All the other people on your list might not have had so diverse experiences, so not enough dots to connect—therefore their vision in regards with your business would be rather linear than broader.

101+ things I know

Each position has been considered on a scale from 1 to 10 for having a COMBINED potential in-depth knowledge of:

  • clean graphic design
  • HTML integration
  • front/back-end development
  • print technologies
  • web analytics
  • PPC management
  • business oriented attitude
graphic designer
graphic designer
web designer
web developer